Leading the Charge

Management Team

The Agile Upstream management team incorporates decades of experience delivering technology solutions, extensive domain knowledge of oil and gas, and a practical approach towards innovation. This combination of attributes, along with the talent and commitment of our team members, allows us to deliver consistent value, an exceptional user experience, and fanatical support for our customers.

What Drives Us?

Our Values

icon people


Prioritize people over products, and products over profits.

icon action


Have a bias for action over perfection.

icon trust


Earn the Trust of others, but offer it willingly.

icon communication


Practice open, honest, candid and caring communication.

icon improvement


Seek to continuously improve customer and user experience.

Commanding Excellence

The Board

The Board of Directors for Agile Upstream consists of five individuals with diverse, but complimentary, backgrounds in Technology, Enterprise Software, Oil & Gas, and Institutional Investment. Together, they provide oversight and guidance for the organization in strategic and fiduciary matters.

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