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Well File Management

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We understand that you are swimming in an ocean of files both old and new.  Our solutions provide you the information you need at exactly the right time with with an easy to use interface.  

Easy Access

As an oil and gas professional, documents & data are your livelihood.  Access what you need at anytime from anywhere – whether in office, at home, or on the road. 

Next-Gen Efficiency

Through automated workflows and digital collaboration, your team will interact and drive decision making with unmatched speed and precision.

Fanatical Support

We believe that our relationship with our customers is just as important as our technology.  If you hit a stumbling block, we will be there to walk you through it.

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In an hour or less we will demonstrate the power and value of our solutions.  Simply click the link below and select a date and time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help to manage a Well File?

The structure of a well or prospect is hierarchical in nature.  However, if you’re like most people that have ever used a search engine, your preference for navigating and searching is to do so in a very “flat” way.  Our solution embraces both of these competing forces.  We inherently bring the parent>child structure of a collection of documents (ex. Midland Basin>Wolfberry Trend>Martin County>Kent CSL Abstract>Andrews 14 Well) together with a user experience that leverages the latest in search technology (ex. Search “andrews” + “wolfberry”) with return values that bring you precisely the document you are looking for, by type, along with automatic linking to all related documents.  This capability is a seismic shift in the ability of teams to work together productively and effectively on the work that actually adds value to the company.    

As an engineer, landman, geologist or any other professional in oil and gas, you should never spend your time looking for the information that enables your decision making.  Let our software do that for you.

The search sounds great, but what else does it do?

Broker Portals, Data Rooms, Version Control, Data Integration, Work Flows, Reporting, Data Capture, Electronic Forms, Mobile Access……the list goes on.  

A demo is a great place to start.

This all sounds great - but I bet it is very expensive and only realistic for larger companies. Right?

Wrong!  Every one of our solutions is built to scale from very small (ex. VC backed group evaluating assets) to very large (ex. any super major).  This is not just theory, but reality.  Our customer base runs the gamet in size.  

In terms of cost, we are fair, transparent and simple in our pricing – and like our solutions, we price to scale large and small.       

How can I schedule a demo?

Call or email using the contact info provided below, or simply click here to schedule a meeting.  If you have a large group, we recommend a 60 minute time slot.    

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