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Digital Data

We transform your revenue check detail statements into clean, formatted data.  No longer will you need to manually enter data from a PDF or paper.

The Clean Handoff

We can receive your statements as a scanned image or a paper document.  Either way, our turn around time is fast and our results are accurate. 

Plays Well with Others

Moving data from our solution to your electronic exchange or accounting system is easy.  We can output to a number of formats to accommodate your needs.

Fanatical Support

We believe that our relationship with our customers is just as important as our technology.  If you hit a stumbling block, we will be there to walk you through it.

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In an hour or less we will demonstrate the power and value of our solutions.  Simply click the link below and select a date and time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This makes sense, but how much does it cost?

It’s very affordable.  Our base data extraction service starts at $1,000/month.  Many customers will never exceed the generous allowances under the base plan.    

Can we try this out prior to committing?

You bet!  The first month is free for every customer.  If you are happy with the initial results, we will put a subscription plan in place.

Is it possible to extract data from other documents?

Of course.  We can easily handle a variety of documents such as Gas Purchaser Statements, Lease Purchase Reports, and various drilling reports.  If you have something else in mind, let us know, we would love to take a look.       

Who do I contact about trying the service?

By email;

By phone; 281-863-9332   

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