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We understand that you are swimming in an ocean of files, both old and new.  Our solutions provide you the information you need at exactly the right time with an intuitive interface.  

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As an oil and gas professional, documents & data are your livelihood.  Access what you need at anytime from anywhere – whether in office, at home, or on the road. 

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Through automated workflows and digital collaboration your team will interact and drive decision making with unmatched speed and precision.

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We believe that our relationship with our customers is just as important as our technology.  If you hit a stumbling block, we will be there to walk you through it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What solutions do you offer for Land & Land Admin?

There are three:  Agile Land Insights (automatic recognition of obligations, provisions and data in Leases & related documents) Agile Explorer (automatic classification and Super Search for E&P and Midstream documents) and Agile Enterprise (out-of-the-box and configurable solutions for Land Administration processes and data integration with related applications – including workflow, reporting, and data rooms)   

What is Agile Land Insights?

Agile Land Insights (ALI) is an application that automatically reads and extracts provisions, obligations and data from Leases and other documents.  This capability effectively turns very unstructured data into highly structured, normalized information that is ready for import into land and accounting systems.  We realize this sounds like fiction, but in fact, it works amazingly well.  ALI automates the most tedious, error prone and repetitive tasks – allowing your best people to focus on the work that adds the greatest value.

What is Agile Explorer?

Do you find that your well files, lease files, owner files and other “files” are a collection of uncategorized and difficult to find critical documents?  Agile Explorer will automatically tag and categorize your documents for you, and allow you to find them with unprecedented ease. 

What is Agile Enterprise?

Agile Enterprise is a solution for land that leverages intuitive workflows, reporting and data integration to connect people, processes and documents throughout a Land department and across the enterprise.  Our solution is easily deployable, pre-configured, and highly adaptable to your business processes.    

Will these solutions just replace all of my people?

Not at all.  There is a misconception that advancements in technology will replace the need for human workers.  In fact, the most effective solutions exist not to replace, but rather to augment the abilities of the people using the application.  Our solutions magnify existing strengths, not replace them.    

This all sounds great - but I bet it is very expensive and only realistic for larger companies. Right?

Wrong!  Every one of our solutions is built to scale from very small (ex. VC backed group evaluating assets) to very large (ex. any super major).  This is not just theory, but reality.  Our customer base runs the gamut in size.  

In terms of cost, we are fair, transparent and simple in our pricing – and like our solutions, we price to scale large and small.       

How can I schedule a demo?

Call or email using the contact info provided below, or simply click here to schedule a meeting.  If you have a large group, we recommend a 60 minute time slot.    

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